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dimanche 20 mai 2012

How Ya doin'.........?

In view of my personal state of health right now, I have decided to insert this "discreet update" - I don't want to bore anybody, but I do know that there are a few people who are interested. I will try to discreetly update every week or so, or if something unusual changes or happens and I am capable of updating!

LATEST UPDATE:      20 May 2012

NEXT UPDATE: Probably after Examination of 22nd, therefore the 23rd May 2012 if possible.

Appointment tomorrow 21st for Gastro examination (sort of Endoscopie) - I already have the results from a private examination elsewhere - Gallstones!
Appointment 22nd for Cardiac check up - defibrillator etc. Questions about travel and function with same..

In the future for my Health Update,click on this link (update periodically):


This original report will be replaced after a while.
In the future for my Health Update, click on this link (updated periodically):

29-04-2012: Typical morning procedure. Since a month or so I get up and almost immediately I start to lose my "vertige" and start stumbling around, so I try to stay put on my chair! A tingling (pins and needles) in fingers and feet installs itself, and the feeling of nausea gets worse. Now and then I am obliged to TRY to vomit, with retching but no results. Thankfully Tina tends to be still in bed!
I'm still waiting for information from the Hospital, my own doctor has contacted them but is waiting to be called back and informed himself.
I am NOT impressed by the "gastroenterology" department of the CHU, Nimes.
To recall - I have gallstones, the gallbladder must OUT, but the anaesthetist (very young person) refuses to perform due to the weakness of my heart!
Other suggestions are needed and awaited urgently. Life cannot continue like this! New RV only on the 22nd May with the Cardiac specialist to control (I think) the defibrillator. That is a long time.....The problem is that if the gallbladder "erupts" they will have to operate anyway, with all the dangers.
Diarrhea is still a problem, and my only medicinal recourse right now is my "panic pill" LORAZEPAM which seems to work, but is a little bit dangerous and is addictive. The latest attempt to curb the nausea feeling with pills doesn't work, and may be responsible for the increase of "pins and needles" and general "mal au coeur".
I must now wait and hope my Doctor will call me early next week as he promised - if he himself is informed, otherwise I must take the necessary legal action against the hospital, then try to find a different one!
Next update when necessary..........

30 April 2012:  No information from House Doctor (GP) which means the Hospital have not even been in touch with him, and tomorrow is a public holiday!
Looking more and more like legal action.
3rd May 2012 - I’ve just spent probably the worst 46 hours ever!
it all started on the afternoon of Wednesday, when - lying down for siesta-the feeling that my fingers and toes were swelling up and up! It moved from the hands to the feet and arms, inside the mouth, and a small “ball” formed in the throat, making swallowing difficult and breathing too, all with the pins and needles sensation. The French call it “Fourmis-Ants).
After some time of reflecting upon what to do, we both decided I should call my house doctor, a really excellent tradesman, Dr. P Cukier
of Vauvert. His reaction was immediate......”Call 18” - I want you!
My reaction was.......S H  I T......! NOT AGAIN........! What seemed like a very long 30 minutes later, the emergency services arrived to amuse the neighbourhood again, and in an hour I was in hospital again - at Nimes, this time in the emergency neurology clinic. A STROKE was suspected.
Strangely, this was something I had thought of just recently!
The story of this “clinic” is something else, and since I have to go back again next week, I’m not going to relate the problems here and now.....! Sometime else!
For the moment, suffice to say that some 30-odd hours later I was allowed to wend my weary way back home to my poor wife, suffering, as usual, at home and awaiting news!
It wasn’t a stroke,but something similar. Small mercies, but something at least.
I’ll tell you about the human misery I was obliged to listen to all night long with no water. no food no medical personnel readily available.
At the moment, it’s enough to say that I have never seen or experienced something so bad - anywhere.....French, German,British or other....more later, after the possible gallstone/bladder operation in the same place! Let’s just say that at the end, they decided that they couldn’t say what it all was, but didn’t seem to be a stroke, small mercies, and they want me to make a RV with a neurologist......don’t know when.....or why! Anyway - I’m off home to wife......thank God......AND - it’s Friday!
Both I and Tina are hoping fervently that this may be the last alarm for a long time.....we have a life to try to live - agreeably!


6th May 2012 - Voting day in France, I’ll vote for the guy who makes me well!
From tomorrow, Monday 7th, an important week is starting. Monday visit to the Doctor’s to pick up prescriptions and papers to let me order a taxi free of charge to go to the hospital on Wednesday. The RV on Wednesday I’m hoping to be extremely important. This SHOULD be the occasion when the gastro-specialist lets us know about his plans and suggestions for my gall bladder problems. Operate or not. Then we both (Tina Concetta and myself) have a very big decision to make based on the specialist’s information. Operate with all the dangers (I understand relatively high) of heart complications or not.
If not, what other possibilities are open? Certainly I can’t continue as I am, I’d be down to 0 lbs in no time! Well, I guess Wednesday will maybe give an answer.
At least I’ve been able to arrange that Tina Concetta be permitted to come with me. I feel the decision we must make is sufficiently important to both of us and our future that she should be present to ask any questions or to simply “say her piece”. It will probably be through me due to the language, but maybe a specialist will be capable of speaking some “American English”!
Seems stupid that just after getting news for my extra BRITISH Pension, my life may be thoroughly turned on it’s head through a simple gallstone!
All we can do is hope for the best and hope that we take the right decisions, and that the hospital and specialists do the same.
I’ll let you know on Wednesday or Thursday, hopefully!
10 May 2012:    Well, yesterday we were at the Hospital, RV with the gastro guy!
He informed us that there was no change regarding the decision not to put me under, not until my cardiologue had said his piece! I thought he had already done that, but no - they haven’t even asked him! Not a happy boy right now!
The situation is  now that I have a RV (rendez-vous) on the 21st May at which I must have a rectal inspection! Doctor’s never seem to be happy until they’ve put their fingers in certain places! What that will tell us I don’t know, but he may be happier! I doubt if I will be, but there we are! A scan is being arranged, what that will give is another unknown!
A day later the 22nd, back to the hospital to the Heart specialist who must control the defibrillator, and I hope he will have given his opinion about an operation and can let me know what goes on!
The system is, quite frankly, not great, and I must still suffer until they get their fingers out.
One positive aspect is that I have been able to arrange for Tina Concetta to be accepted in the paid Taxi to accompany me. This seemed necessary and correct to me, we will have to take some difficult decisions at some time or other, and I beleive she has the right to be present to hear all about our choices then help me to take a decision.
S0 - next date is 21st and 22nd May, then an update for you all!
Right - off to take more pills and things........!

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